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How do we define money?

How do we define money

Money needs to fulfill three functions: A medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account. But what does this really mean?
Medium of exchange: means it is a payment mechanism—you can use it to pay someone for something or to extinguish a debt or financial obligation. To be a good medium of exchange, it doesn’t need to be
universally accepted, but it should be should be widely accepted in the particular context for which it is being used.
Store of value: means that in the near term, your money will be worth the same as it is today. To be a good store of value, you need to be reasonably confident that your money will buy you more or less the same amount of goods and services tomorrow, next month, or next year. When this breaks down, the money’s value is quickly eroded, a process often referred to as hyperinflation. Individuals quickly develop alternative ways to denominate value and undertake transactions, for example, bartering or using a ‘hard’ or more successful and stable currency.
Unit of account: means it is something that you can use to compare the value of two items or to count up the total value of your assets. If you record the value of all of your possessions, you need some unit to price them in, to get a total. 

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