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Are crypto a good investment?


Are crypto a good investment

You have to understand first what cryptocurrency is, before deciding to invest. This is because cryptocurrency investing has a huge return but also a higher risk.

Most cryptocurrencies are not stable, they suffer from price fluctuation, this price change every time can give you a high return on investment(RIO) but also you can experience higher losses as well.

 For example: Bitcoin has been rising higher and falling deeply as well. The people who understand the psychological factor of Bitcoin, know when to buy and when to sell, know when not to buy and when not to sell. To make money in cryptocurrency you have to diversify your portfolio and you should not invest what you cannot afford to lose.

The following are the things to consider before investing in cryptocurrency

1. Educate yourself first about cryptocurrency Make research on what type of cryptocurrency is best to invest

2. Learn about fundamental and sentimental factors that affect the price of the cryptocurrency market.

3. Know the whales who have a massive impact on the cryptocurrency market. Whales are billionaires or famous people who have a higher influence on the market when get into it. For example, Tesla company CEO Elon Musk drove the price of bitcoins when tweeted that they had bought $1.5 Billion of Bitcoins. This news caused the Bitcoin price to skyrocket a lot.

4. Find out a list of top crypto news release websites so that you can know what is happening in the crypto industry every day. This will help to understand the trends of the cryptocurrency market, you will know who the main participants of the cryptocurrency market are, and most importantly you will know everything going on in the crypto market. Best crypto news sites to find out what is going on in the crypto market. 

5. Put aside the amount you want to invest in cryptocurrency.  Invest what you can afford to lose, do not invest in cryptocurrency the money you depend on for daily living.

6. Do not invest in cryptocurrency and expect a fast return because cryptocurrency gives better results in the long run, so be patient with your investment.

7. Create an account on higher liquidity exchanges and start buying crypto

8. Buy and Hold is the best cryptocurrency investing strategy. With this strategy, you buy for example   Bitcoins(BTC) when the price is low and sell when the price rises. This strategy requires you to be patient and believe that the crypto you bought at the lowest price will grow and give you a higher return in the future. So be patient

Therefore, crypto is a good investment because the future is going to be held by decentralized systems in which people will be communicating and sharing information directly without involving any middleman or any central authority. This is achieved using blockchain which is a decentralized digital ledger that makes what we call cryptocurrency.

         How can you know if a cryptocurrency is good for investing?

Beginner's insight about investing in cryptocurrency

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